Gamification is a concept of applying game-design techniques to non-game contexts. It’s like a business strategy that makes people motivated.

There are some examples for gamifications:


Game-based learning is a way of making learning fun. It’s design to balance subject matter with gameplay and the ability to retain said subject matter to the real world.

There are some applications you can use for game-based learning:

  • Kahoot
    • Kahoot is a free game-based learning platform making it fun to learn and allowing both educators and students to access.
    • You can create quiz, quick polls and surveys.
    • It is fun to use but in some aspects, like revisioning questions answered wrong in quiz, it’s unpractical.
  • Plickers
    • Plickers is simple tool that lets teacher collect real-time formative assessment data.
    • It’s really useful because it can be used without students devices.
    • You can see which student did wrong which question and it allows you to assess it.
  • Socrative
    • It allows you to visualize student understanding.
    • You can create your own quiz or use other user’s quiz.
    • This tool is more professional and for young adults or elder.
    • You can detect the questions need to be reviewed and work on it.
    • In my opinion, it’s best tool to use for interactive communication with your students.