Unstuck is a free app that helps you focus on the bright side of a stuck moment and think differently so you can move forward. It’s like having a coach on hand whenever you’re feeling stuck about a life situation.

You just make some choices and the app leads you a way out.

You can use it whereever you are it can be used on your computer, smart phone, tablet.

You can share you stuck moment only on Facebook, Twitter and via Email. So I will share a image of  my example stuck moment down below.



Storymaker is a web service that enables everyone to create a story. It’s like live story on a screen. You can choose actions for your character and develop your story around it.

It can be used for lessons. Teachers can create stories related with their subjects and make it more interesting for their students.

After finishing story, app will give you a magic code for your story and later, via this magic code, you can reach your story anytime.

Here is my magic code: MTR051




Bitstrips is web tool which allows you to create comics. You can add emotions, actions and more. It gives you more space while your creating and it’s more realistic.

Here is my example.