Google Drive is modern times memory card. Thanks to Drive you can access to your files with an internet connection anywhere.

Not only it allows you to store your files, it also allows you to create, share, manage documents with its own productivity apps.

These productivity apps are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms. 

Working with others is much more easier with Drive.

-There is no need to get together to work on a file, you can work online, at the same time on a file.

-No need to worry when someone deletes all the data, you can get back all of them.

-You can download the files, Docs as Word, Slides as Power Point.



  • Google Docs is an word processor.
  • You can create, format documents.
  • You can email documents to others as an attachment.
  • You can share your file with others and work on it at the same time.
  • You can go back any previous version by viewing file’s history.
  • You can convert a Word file to a Google document.
  • You can download files as Word, PDF, HTML etc.




  • Google Slides is an online presentation app.
  • You can create and edit presentations.
  • You can share it with your friends and edit it together.
  • You can convert .pptx and .pps files to Google presentations.
  • You can download your presentations as .ppdf, .ppt, .svg etc.
  • You can insert videos and images into your presentations.
  • You can publish and embed presentations in web sites.



  • Google Forms is an online app you can create any form.
  • You can make a survey, quiz, invitation etc.
  • You can record responses and collect informations you need.
  • You can organize your forms by adding headers.
  • After you’ve created your form you can edit it.

Let’s explore Google Drive…



WEB 1.0

  • Web 1.0 is the “readable” phrase of the World Wide Web.
  • In Web 1.0, there’s limited interaction between sites and users.
  • Users passively receive information without feedback.

WEB 2.0

  • Web 2.0 is the “writable” phrase of the World Wide Web.
  • It allows users to interact with each other and web sites.
  • Users can collaborate, participate and share information.
  • Example of Web 2.0 sites are Youtube, Wiki, Facebook etc.

WEB 3.0

  • Web 3.0 is the “executable” phrase of the World Wide Web.
  • In Web 3.0 computers can interpret information like humans.
  • Computers can generate and distribute content for user’s need.








Digital literacy is the ability to use digital tools correctly and accessing digital resources. Digital literacy is very important for your education, working skills and improving yourself.

Being aware of what kind of digital learner you are is essential to develop yourself as a digital citizen, so you can start with this quiz to find out. No matter which stage you are at, you can develop yourself by taking online courses.

Regarding the fact that the technology has became a major part of life, we can agree with Alvin Toffler.


Internet safety is the knowledge of maximizing the user’s personel safety. So here are some tips to stay safe online:

  • While creating an account one of the most important things is that your password must be strong. As an example, if you choose a word from dictionary directly, it would be an easy target for the hackers. To avoid from it, you should cut the words with numbers or punctuation marks, like compu1ter, note.book etc.
  • Keeping your privacy settings high is so important. Do not share any personal information, like your address, mobile numbers etc.
  • Before posting anything (pictures, videos, political sight) think twice. Because once you post it, it becomes public and people may copy it.
  • You shouldnot trust anyone online because they may not be the ones they say they are.


Cyber bullying is the use of technology to harrass, attack, embrass another person. As the use of internet increases, cyber bullying goes up. Sometimes cyber bullying can not be easy to spot but once you do it there are some ways to stop cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying can cause serious damage. To really know what I mean, here’s a video.

There are some organizations to raise awareness of cyber bullying




People around the world use Google search for homeworks, daily works, entertainment.

While searching on Google, there are some easy ways to find the most accurate result.